About the Photographer:

Loek van der Klis, studied Photography, at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in
The Hague, The Netherlands. Since 1993.

Prior to this, he worked as an instrument maker. At Enraf Nonius. In a city called Delft.
This is the same town where Loek van der Klis was born, in a very cold winter.

Later he worked in a theatre in Rotterdam called Onafhankelijk Toneel as a set builder, light technician and photographer. He also worked as an interior and exterior carpenter for new houses and buildings, as well as a renovator in Old Dutch houses.

During the Academy, Loek worked for a period for EGA a company where he photographed for Advertisements, Architecture, and at the T.U. (Technical University) in Delft, for soil drilling research by Ground mechanics, using a 4”x 5” camera.

van der Klis made a documentary in former Yugoslavia; sometimes he travelled with The United Nations to places such as, Vogovar, Ivankovo, with Nada van Eijk, an interpreter, who realised the transporting of various types of goods. Loek came in contact with her through the VPRO, a Dutch television-broadcasting organisation. A selection of van der Klis work is shown on the website.
One of his teachers was Theo Jansen, a well-known artist who makes Beach Animals.

Since 2002 Loek worked together with Theo Jansen to collaborate on the evolution processes of the Beach Animals. So over a period of time Loek became an ‘art-realiser’, and in addition, he documented this evolution process.  During this period van der Klis also gave some workshops.

Loek has also created a decor for Vila Zebra a museum made for children.
van der Klis in collaboration with E.J. Roodbol, designed and built a multi media cabinet.

Skills, Analogue / Digital    Nikon, Leica, Canon 20D